Thank you for providing a platform and opportunity to recommend the work Pedro has done on my property.


He has been working with me for the past eight years, rescuing me from the chaos left by an unscrupulous man, and gradually repairing that damage and continuing to restore this large property in rural Portugal. Nothing has daunted him! It was far worse than starting from scratch with a newly purchased house or ruin. He had to demolish some areas, and make the best of others. Not only has he fixed the initial and relatively small work he inherited here, but has continued towards completing this project, with all electricity, water, drainage, heating and air conditioning needs. My building is beautiful….fine plaster, beautiful stone walls, curved wall features, superb wet rooms….everything is as I imagined it would be. He has landscaped my garden, given me my water storage system from falling rainwater, and when I have made a mess of things, he has bailed me out!


There seems nothing beyond him, in truth….when the pool company could not find the leak, never alone repair it, Pedro did. When the ecological septic tank arrived and the fitter had difficulties, Pedro sorted it. A bit at a time we have created beauty, harmony and function out of the mess.


Over the years he has gathered the teams he needs together….and I can recommend those who have been here. Lovely aluminium doors and windows, beautiful carpentry…my ceilings are stunning!….his pool expert is a mine of info!


I can trust Pedro….and do. He is the one I call with a problem and he sorts it. It is simple. That is what he does. His work is good and reasonably priced. He understands that we cannot always have a complete project done in one go, and works comfortably with that situation.


As a lone woman of the older generation, I know Pedro will not abuse the position I have awarded him. He is happy to advise, understands my ecological lifestyle and supports my decisions. If he cannot, he explains why. Brilliant.


The major works here are at long last nearing completion, but Pedro will continue with maintenance. I wouldn’t dream of asking anyone else.
I am delighted to recommend him to you and am happy to speak personally with potential clients to answer any specific points they have.


Lynn S..

We have had pedro looking after our house in portugal, for 2 years .


During this time pedro, has been a great assistance.


He has looked after our clients and made sure that the house was cleaned before and after the clients have used our villa.


Pedro arranged the repair to our dishwasher, at no cost , 2 years after our previous manager stated that the machine was not repairable.


During early 2014 our house roof was damaged in high winds , without my knowledge pedro arranged the repairs to be made 2 days after the roof was damaged, which saved me visiting portugal and the house was repaired very quick, so no more damage was caused.  Pedro contacted me to inform me the house was damaged and repaired at only €146.


He saved me the stress of the damage and the cost of a visit to portugal.


He has arranged many small jobs , to improve my house that i have requested and i have paid the contractors direct , without pedro adding any commission for arranging the works.


If you are looking for a manager or a person to arrange and complete works , i would recommend pedro to you very highly.


He is the best manager i have had in portugal without doubt.


Mike. R..

Pedro has assisted us in so many ways to help us create our dream house. He and his team completely reconstructed the interior of our house, replaced the roof to match the original design and constructed some beautiful stonework to our specification. With his vast array of contacts, he was able to arrange for the house to be reconnected to the mains electricity and has put in place all the plumbing and created a septic tank, all ready for the water supply. If you have a clear spec on what you require, he will ensure it is followed and always ensure the best price. If you are unclear (as we have been on certain parts of the work), he is full of knowledge on what would work best.


Pedro is more than a builder. He is able to make living in Portugal or owning a holiday home in Portugal much less stressful and offers you peace of mind, that you have a local contact (and friend) should you need any building work required or simply require some local knowledge.


We have no hesitation in recommending Pedro.


James B..

We have known Pedro since 2006 when we first bought property in Portugal. During this time he has handled a variety of building works for us, including a new roof, a swimming pool, tiling, painting inside and out, doors and windows, new sceptic tank as well numerous small building works, plumbing and electrical work. His work force is well mannered, cheerful and efficient and has always completed work to our satisfaction and on time.


In addition we have employed Pedro for the maintenance and management of our two houses for over five years now. He is honest, loyal and trustworthy, and he informs us of any problems immediately. To sum up – we trust him explicitly and have no hesitation recommending his work to others.


Anne & Chris E..