29 Aug The replacement of the roof. Edmund’s story

Following on from the excellent double-glazing of my Manor House (involving 28 windows and doors!) I decided to entrust the replacement of the roof to Silver Coast Construction – an even bigger and riskier job!

The roof was externally clad in old style tiles in reasonable condition. Under them was a roof support comprised of rotten eucalyptus trusses. Under that was a defective insulation layer of old felt. The attic floor has boards laid down which hid all the accumulated mess of 100 years or more.  Crucially the construction was a series of cross beams meaning that it was impossible to walk across the attic without ducking about 10 times.
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14 Outbuildings 2 Front & Entrance Hall 4 Gable & 3 Storeys 6 Side & Stairs from Sun Lounge

Silver Coast Construction came round and their quote was a lot less than the other competitor. More importantly however was that Pedro convinced me he understood the engineering challenge of a roof covering 150 sq metres and the various load strengths required.  He also had confidence that he could remove the low cross beams meaning that there would be in effect a new habitable floor in the attic as there would now be plenty of overhead height across the middle section of the floor.  His quote was much more detailed than the competitror’s.


The wood was pressure treated Portuguese pine and new felt insulation was used which is factory moulded to fit roof tiles so making the roof completely waterproof.  SCC also cleaned out the attic floor (a very unpleasant job!) and laid new insulation on the floor.  Even though there was no evidence of any woodworm the original attic oak floor beams were treated against woodworm to extra safe.


Now I have a new 2nd floor totalling 150 sq metres with most of this space over head height so plenty of room for additional bedrooms, bathrooms etc.


All in all a great job. Well done SCC!
Edmund Law
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